Sat, Apr 01 6:30 PM

Blu Volley Verona - Volley Civitanova

Sun, Apr 02 1:30 PM

Pallavolo Padova - TOP Volley Cisterna

Sun, Apr 02 4:00 PM

Gas Sales Piacenza - Modena Volley

Sun, Apr 02 4:00 PM

Power Volley Milano - Perugia Umbria Volley

Sun, Apr 02 6:30 PM

Vero Volley Monza - Trentino Volley


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Volleyball Betting and Betting Odds Online at Stake Sportsbook

Volleyball is a popular sport in many parts of the world, and major volleyball events and tournaments attract global audiences.

At, you can bet online on a whole host of volleyball tournaments, volleyball teams, and indoor volleyball matches - choosing from a number of markets and options to keep things interesting.

Volleyball betting at Stake crypto sportsbook couldn’t be easier, and once you have added cryptocurrency to your account, you can place bets on all of the most significant volleyball events on the calendar.

Find out what you need to know about volleyball betting and how to make a profit from this popular game by following a tried-and-tested strategy.

The Biggest Volleyball Tournaments for Betting

Although volleyball might not be as mainstream or popular as some of our best-loved sports, you can tune into live volleyball action throughout the year.

That being said, the major international volleyball tournaments are the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the World Cup, and the World League. You can bet on all of these volleyball tournaments at

Additionally, domestic volleyball is played in countries around the world (both indoor and outdoor), and you can place bets on the English volleyball league, as well as events based in the United States, Canada, and further afield.

Ultimately, sports betting fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to volleyball events and tournaments, and you will find ample opportunities for volleyball betting at

Volleyball Bet Types and Betting Options

One of your first tasks when volleyball betting is understanding the different markets and options available to you. Specifically, some of the volleyball bets that you can place at include the following:


The easiest way to bet on volleyball is to pick the winner of a particular match. You don’t need to worry about the margin of victory or which team scores the points – your only concern is which team leaves the court victorious, and if you pick correctly, you will win your bet.


In volleyball, matches are played best of five sets, with the first four sets played to 25 points and the final set played to 15 points. In order to win a set, a team must win by two clear points. As such, there are many volleyball betting options relating to the sets in a fixture, enabling you to break your betting slip down and place bets on outcomes within each set.

Set handicap

When one team is the clear favourite to win a volleyball fixture, you might wish to consider a set handicap bet. This is where the heavy favourite is given a handicap that they need to overcome, which essentially levels the playing field.

Due to the handicap, you receive better odds than if you were to bet on the team in a standard head-to-head bet.


Volleyball matches are typically high-scoring affairs, and the fact that a team needs to win by two clear points means that matches can often exceed expectations. As a result, you can bet on the number of points you think will be scored in a set (or, indeed, a whole match). sets a totals line, and your job is to predict whether over or under this number of points will be scored.

Point handicap

As is the case with a set handicap in volleyball betting, you can also place a point handicap bet on volleyball games. This is where one team starts with a specific number of points less than their opponents and for your bet to be successful, they will need to overcome the point handicap to win the game.

Volleyball Betting Tips and Strategies for Successful Bets

Volleyball is a great sport played at a fast pace, making it extremely fun to watch. But if you’re keen on volleyball betting at, it’s helpful to follow a strategy to ensure that you make the right selections. The following betting tips will help you as you find your feet:

  • Understand the rules: Although not overly complex, it makes sense to read up on the rules of volleyball before placing a bet. This is particularly true if you’re only planning to bet on volleyball at the big events on the calendar and you haven’t watched much of the sport in the past.

  • Research teams and players: As is the case in all sports betting, you should conduct some research into the volleyball teams and volleyball players competing in a specific tournament before placing your bets. Doing so will help you make accurate predictions and will ensure that you’re not just guessing when making a selection.

  • Consider form and injuries: Another tip when placing volleyball bets is to consider the form of a team and which players on the team are injured. This will ensure that you don’t select teams that are out of form and ensures that you’re aware of any injuries that may influence a team’s performance.

With a wide range of types of volleyball bets available, get more tips and tricks with our online betting tips for all your favourite exciting sports and get amongst the betting action at Stake. Also keep a look out for our sport promotions to get the most out of your bets in volleyball!

How to Bet on Volleyball and Volleyball Betting Odds Explained

Volleyball betting couldn’t be easier at You can add cryptocurrency units to your account and make your selections ahead of the major volleyball tournaments on the calendar – it really is as simple as that.

In terms of volleyball odds, you will see them represented as fractions (3/1), decimals (3.0) or in the American format (+300), and you can adjust your settings to ensure that the odds are presented in the most appropriate format for you.

Be sure to browse through the various odds and markets offered for the leading volleyball tournaments and events before placing your bets, and consider the tips and strategies offered above to help guide your predictions.

Why Bet on Volleyball at is the perfect place for volleyball betting online, and you can place wagers on all of the leading international events, including the World Cup, World Championships, Olympics, and Champions League. You can also place volleyball bets on domestic leagues and fixtures from different parts of the world, offering you lots of opportunities to make a profit from volleyball this season.

Get started today by adding cryptocurrency to your account and benefit from instant deposits and withdrawals when betting on your chosen volleyball markets.