Tropicool 2

ELK Studios
Tropicool 2 Tropicool 2
Edge:  6.00%

A group of seriously cool birds is flying south for winter, and they’ve landed on a tropical beach.

Tropicool 2 is a six-reel slot from ELK Studios featuring dropping symbols, a special three-row “Cool Reel” feature, and a whopping 46,656 ways to win.

From Elmo respins to a special re-drops bonus game, Tropicool 2 is bursting with features. You’ll be looking out for a not-so-friendly sloth who tries to scare away your bird friends and turn them into potential wins.

A bright and colourful fruit-themed game with a cool cast of fun characters, Tropicool 2 comes equipped with HD graphics, action-packed gameplay and even a tropical soundtrack, all of which you can enjoy at Stake casino online .

Tropicool 2 Slot Gameplay

The gameplay on the Tropicool 2 is a lot more intricate than some other online slots , making for a highly interactive experience. You'll recognise the familiar faces of Fiona Flamingo and Tony Toucano from ELK Studio's original Tropicool , amidst the peaceful beach and adorned with palm trees.

You’ll begin your Tropicool 2 journey with normal symbols dropping into the main 6x6 grid while new feature symbols slide into the Cool Reels. These drop down into the main grid after a win, creating new combinations which can trigger more wins.

When Elmo the sloth enters the game screen, he’ll bring with him “re-drops” which will last until he leaves the screen. Elmo redrops will also scare bird symbols and cause them to turn into wild symbols.

You might also be lucky enough to land the “big” symbols - as symbols can appear in 1x, 2x or 3x their usual size. The bigger the symbol, the bigger the payout.

There’s also an avalanche feature, where winnings will cause symbols to explode, and new symbols will drop into their place. When you play the Tropicool 2 Slot at Stake Casino, new wins will keep the avalanche going.

Symbols and Paytable

With the Tropicool 2 slot, it’s not quite as straightforward as matching symbols on adjacent reels - there’s a lot more to it. The best symbols to look out for are Elmo the sloth and your bird friends, as they’ll trigger special wins.

The wild symbol can substitute for any symbol except the birds, the “locked wild” can last for three wins, the mystery symbol reveals a paying symbol, and the row swap (represented by arrows) replaces other symbols on the same row, except for certain special symbols.

If you trigger three birds anywhere on the reels, you’ll get a payout. The bird comes with a multiplier which is determined by the symbol’s height.

Symbol 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols 6 Symbols
Strawberry 0.50 0.75 1.50 3.00
Coconut 0.40 0.50 0.75 1.50
Pineapple 0.30 0.40 0.60 0.90
Lime 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.60
Watermelon 0.10 0.15 0.20 0.30
Apples (any colour) 0.05 0.10 0.15 0.25

Free Spins

The free spins round is called “Free Drops” and can be triggered by landing three or more bonus symbols anywhere within the main grid. Three bonus symbols will bag you six free drops, and if you land four, five or six bonus symbols, you’ll get nine, 12, or 15 drops, respectively.

You can trigger special “Extra Drops” or multiplier symbols to increase your wins by up to 3x, plus watch out for the ability to add extra free spins to your total.

Tropicool 2 Slot Betting Options

The Tropicool 2 slot game comes with 46,656 ways to win. The minimum bet amount is 0.20, the maximum is 100 of your currency, and the potential payout is 25,000x your bet. The RTP of this slot game is 94%.

Before you can start playing this ultra-cool slot game, you’ll need to fund your casino account. You can do this by using any of the convenient cryptocurrency options , like BitCoin or Ethereum. If you have some money left in your account from previous gaming sessions, you’ll be able to head straight to the Tropicool 2 slot game and start spinning.

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  • Step 2 - Choose the method which suits your needs. We offer many supported currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (Doge), Litecoin (LTC), and others.

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  • Step 4 (Optional) - If you need to make a deposit via fiat currency, you can buy crypto for stake via Moonpay.

Stake provides live support and assistance from our customer support staff, be it for any questions about Tropicool 2 or if you have any issues or questions pertaining to depositing or withdrawing units.

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